Sport Combine Testing

A2 Lab

Unleash Your Athletic Potential

Sport combine testing is a comprehensive assessment that measures and evaluates your athletic abilities across multiple performance indicators. It’s like stepping into the world of professional sports scouting to showcase your skills and push your limits. A2 Lab brings you this experience, utilizing cutting-edge technology, motion capture cameras, and performance metrics to to help you maximize your athletic potential.

Why do a Sport Combine?

Whether you aspire to play university sports, compete at an elite level, or simply want to elevate your game, sport combine testing offers a unique opportunity to benchmark your abilities, identify areas for improvement, and set goals for your athletic journey.

The combine testing experience is tailored to your sport, ensuring that the drills and assessments align with the demands of your game. It’s a chance to test your skills in a controlled and supportive environment, while gaining valuable insights that can guide your training and development.

Cutting-edge technology

At A2 Lab, you’ll engage in a series of sport-specific drills and exercises designed to assess your speed, agility, strength, endurance, and explosiveness. Our state-of-the-art equipment, including motion capture cameras and force plates, captures and analyzes every movement with precision, providing detailed feedback on your technique, power, and overall performance.

Results at your fingertips

Use the A2 Sports App to conveniently access your detailed results, enabling you to optimize your training, refine your technique, and unlock your maximum athletic potential.

Bring your competitive spirit

Lace up your shoes and join us at A2 Lab for a sport combine testing experience that will inspire and empower you to reach new heights.

"By leveraging advanced technology, we can accurately evaluate an athlete's readiness, optimize their performance, and reduce the risk of injuries. It's an extraordinary blend of science, innovation, and expertise that sets A2 Lab apart and empowers athletes to reach their full potential."

Justin Drager, MD

Sports Medicine Specialist,
A2 Sports Medicine Clinic

Justin Drager, MD

Sports Medicine Specialist,
A2 Sports Medicine Clinic